Olaf (19.09.2012): Soaren am Schaftberg und eine hammer Spirale! Mega Spaß mit Gernot! +++ Klara (16.03.2012) Frei wie ein Vogel die Aussicht von oben genießen. Gewaltig! +++ Andy (17.10.2011): Vielen Dank nochmal für das sensationelle Erlebnis. Übers Herbstlaub fliegen war genial! +++ Cathy (11.08.2011): This year was truly fascinating. Lovely flights. Thank you once again for helping us around in Salzburg. See you next year!



A lasting memory is a present of real value. Order a voucher for a flight via email:
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Our vouchers are among the most beautiful throughout the country! Professional 4-color print on silver paperboard with glossy frontside will make your present the highlight of the day.
We will send your personal voucher via regular mail within 3 days to the address that you specify together with a nice information card to tune into the experience. All vouchers are valid one year from the date of issue and are subject to the terms of transport. Vouchers can (of course) not be converted into cash by the receiver.

Special offer:

"Romantic Dream" Loverdoves or married couples – you will enjoy the experience together. We will take-off and land stereo with two gliders. Don´t forget to book your film and/or video-shooting!
"Akrobatics" You want to know what G-force is. We are happy to show you – but don’t tell us we didn’t warn you. For pure adrenalists only!
"Early Morning Bird" We are the first ones in the full quietness of the early morning above the summits of the surrounding mountains. After we have enjoyed the morning dawn we will fly over the city for landing. Cockpit-Coffee is included!
"Sunset Dream" We will take-off directly into the sunset. After a flight through the evening dawn we will fly over the city for landing, where you can relax from the experience. A glass of typical Austrian wine is included!
"Fly Havanna" Very unfortunately we are unable to fly you to Cuba, but the cigar is included right after landing.
"The Sound of Music Flight" We will fly you over some of the original sites of the legendary film!

For special Offers we require a longer period of time for planning! Special Offers will be priced according to individual agreements.