Olaf (19.09.2012): Soaren am Schaftberg und eine hammer Spirale! Mega Spaß mit Gernot! +++ Klara (16.03.2012) Frei wie ein Vogel die Aussicht von oben genießen. Gewaltig! +++ Andy (17.10.2011): Vielen Dank nochmal für das sensationelle Erlebnis. Übers Herbstlaub fliegen war genial! +++ Cathy (11.08.2011): This year was truly fascinating. Lovely flights. Thank you once again for helping us around in Salzburg. See you next year!



Give it a try and call us now – we sometimes have places free on short notice. For call-back-service just hang up after the second ringtone – we will call you back free of charge (EU-only).
INFO-HOTLINE: +43 650 23 826 23


Each flight – one rate

Each flight – one rate. We guarantee one price no matter what flight time or season.

No honey trap charges in case the flight duration can be extended. 129,-



With our specialized equipment we can make high-resolution photos in flight. A special wide lens together with a telescopic arm enables great shots of you, the paraglider and the surrounding scenery:

25,- per flight(minimum of 10 photos on a CD for take-away at the landing site!)