Olaf (19.09.2012): Soaren am Schaftberg und eine hammer Spirale! Mega Spaß mit Gernot! +++ Klara (16.03.2012) Frei wie ein Vogel die Aussicht von oben genießen. Gewaltig! +++ Andy (17.10.2011): Vielen Dank nochmal für das sensationelle Erlebnis. Übers Herbstlaub fliegen war genial! +++ Cathy (11.08.2011): This year was truly fascinating. Lovely flights. Thank you once again for helping us around in Salzburg. See you next year!


Mankinds Dream - Flying like a bird.If you can walk – you can fly with us. It is just as easy as that. You are only a few steps away from gliding over the most fantastic landscapes of Austria.

We fly the most fascinating sites around Salzburg. The Gaisberg above the city of Mozart. The Salzkammergut above lake St. Wolfgang. In the Tennengebirge over Werfenweng. Click on the google map above and find our meeting points.
Any questions?
Call us: +43 650 2382623


Time Paragliding requires a bit of time and patience to make it a great experience. Take at least 2 hours after your scheduled meeting time to make things just as comfortable for yourself as for us.
Seasons We fly all seasons from early morning until evening in safe wheather conditions.
Requirements Take a pair of hiking boots or similar with you together with a windtight jacket if available. Some sunscreen (also in wintertime) is great to have too. All other questions that you might have will be taken care of before take-off.
Safety We are a fully certified flying business by the Austrian Ministry of Traffic, Infrastructure and Technology (BMVIT) which is the highest authority for airtraffic in Austria.
Weather is the most important factor for safe and easy paragliding. It might occurr, that your pilot changes take-off time or planned flight route at short notice. Great wheather for the beach is not always great weather for paragliding, whereas bad weather for the beach can be excellent for a great flight!